The Research Excellence Framework (裁判)

关于 裁判

裁判是英国评估英国高等教育机构研究质量的系统. It first took place in 2014. The next exercise wil be conducted in 2021.

What is the purpose of the 裁判?

各资助机构在研究评审方面的共同政策目标,是确保继续保持世界级水平, 在英国高等教育的全学术范围内动态和响应性的研究基础. 新葡亰平台预期,这一目标将通过以下三个方面实现:

  • 为研究方面的公共投资提供问责制,并提供这种投资的好处的证据
  • 提供标准资讯及建立信誉标准, for use within the HE sector and for public information
  • To inform the selective allocation of funding for research. 

For more information about the 裁判, visit their 网站.

Preparations for 裁判 2021

(Note: In April 2020, 由于COVID-19,英国研究中心将2021年裁判的准备工作暂停了4个月. When the 裁判 preparations resumed on 31 July 2020, new guidance was published 描述了根据更改的时间表对演习进行的修订,以及为了减轻新冠肺炎对大学申请的影响. Headline changes are in red below, with more detailed changes set out in the revised Code of Practice.)

The University’s preparations for 裁判 2021 are well underway, 员工普查日期为2020年7月31日,提交截止日期为2021年3月31日. Between September and December 2020, our priorities are:

  • 完成确定新葡亰平台的研究人员的研究独立性的过程.
  • 完成个人环境过程(详见下文).
  • Completion of the review of eligible outputs, 加上每个评估单元的产出选择和归属.
  • 完成平等影响评估,审查并根据新葡亰平台的调查结果采取行动.
  • Completing the majority of our impact case studies.
  • 在机构和评估单位一级,新葡亰平台的环境报告已接近完成.
  • A ‘deep-dive’ 裁判 readiness review of each Unit of Assessment.



新葡亰平台的行为准则于2019年秋季被英格兰研究接受. 由于2019冠状病毒病推迟了裁判进程,2020年9月对裁判进程进行了小幅修订. 这些变化包括裁判时间表,宣布个人情况的最后一轮邀请推迟到2020年秋季(申报的最后截止日期为2020年10月12日). 最后一轮邀请包括所有在2020年2月底至7月31日期间加入阿斯顿的A类员工.

个人情况小组将使用声明中提供的信息来决定是否应根据个人对单位产出池的预期贡献作出调整. 这些决定将采用《新葡亰平台》附件L中所列的关税(见《©2020 澳门新葡亰》附件8)。. In addition to individual adjustments, 在哪里, 各种情况的累积影响不成比例地影响评估单位的潜在产出库, 大学可以要求减少(不罚款)提交所需的输出总数量(研究英格兰截止日期2020年3月6日). 

Information about making a declaration of individual circumstances

Full information about individual circumstances, the declaration process and the appeals process are set out in the Aston 裁判 Code of Practice (pages 18-23); the declaration form is provided above. Having considered this information, 任何想要讨论发表声明的人, should contact RKE_裁判 in the first instance.

Importantly, 宣布个别情况的决定取决于个别工作人员, 与使用个人情况声明表格提交的声明 RKE_裁判 In line with 裁判 guidelines, 新葡亰平台不会考虑除通过这一进程自愿宣布的情况以外的任何个别情况. 如个别人士不愿申报个人情况,则无须申报, 如果员工希望申报个人情况,也不会对他们造成任何损害. The Individual Circumstances Process will be operated consistently across the University; it is being managed through the central RKE office and the Individual Circumstances Group will assess and implement the Individual Circumstances Process. All information will be stored securely online and in hard copy.

Aston's performance in 裁判 2014
  • 78%的研究成果被评为“世界领先”或“国际认可”, up from 45% in RAE 2008.
  • In Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy, 94%的研究被判定为世界领先或国际优秀(4*/3*).
  • In three Units of Assessment (Computer Science and Informatics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials, 以及商业和管理研究),新葡亰平台所有的影响案例研究都被评为4*或3*.
  • In the seven Units of Assessment 在哪里 Aston submitted a return, 88.7% of Aston's research was found to have high levels of impact.
  • In three Units of Assessment (Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy; Business and Management Studies Modern Languages and Linguistics) Aston was recognised as a great place for researchers, 新葡亰平台的研究环境的生命力和可持续性被评为4*和3*.

How we compare

  • In Area Studies we were rated in the top 3 in the UK – ahead of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
  • We were rated in the top 5 in Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy, ahead of most of the Russell Group.
  • 阿斯顿商学院(Aston Business School)的3*和4*影响力在101所商学院中排名第17.
  • We rank in the top 20 for 3* and 4* rated impact, ahead of Birmingham, Warwick and many of our competitors.